The Slip-Ring
The Slip-Ring

Our heavy-duty stainless steel 316 L slip-ring is designed for work class ROV winches and TMS with a high current carrying capacity.

The design and production philosophy have been to meet the highest safety standards by using proven solutions and components, robustness has also been a key factor in the entire process.

The Slip-Ring can be delivered for two different environments, Deck and Subsea use.

The RS 13-4-1 can be supplied in a variety of ways:

  • Standard air filled
  • Gas purged oil filled pressure compensated.
  • Can be delivered with a peristaltic circulation pump.
  • Fixed and rotating stainless steel terminal boxes fitted withtransparent lids can also be delivered.
  • Standard bolt circle, can be used as a direct replacement inmany cases (subject to inspection)
  • Connections: – Factory fitted flying leads 3mtr long (standard)
  • Bearings: Sealed for life
  • Fasteners Stainless steel metric
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